Tales of Another Direction is a compilation of tracks gathered from our favourite beatmakers. The jazzy-cinematic theme is present throughout the whole project, each artist adding his very unique atmosphere. From the jazzy and acoustic vibe of Savages to Kognitif’s abstract beats as well as the powerful snares of Al’Tarba and the typical jazz breaks of Hugo Kant, you will recognize the influence of many genres. Dusty samples and heavy breaks are common elements on the production method used by these talented artists from the downtempo/abstract trip-hop scene. A project with a very symbolic meaning to our label.

Released April 22, 2015 

Mastered by Frank Merritt at the Carvery 

Artwork Design by Kanellos COB 

Follow the artists : 

Savages : www.facebook.com/savagesysuefo 
Napz : www.soundcloud.com/panak 
Kognitif : www.facebook.com/KognitifOfficial 
Al'Tarba : www.altarba-beats.com 
The Crows : www.facebook.com/TheCrowsProject 
Madball Scientists : www.madballscientists.com 
Renegades Of Jazz : www.renegadesofjazz.com 
Hugo Kant : www.hugokant.com 
SomehowArt : www.facebook.com/somehowart 
Q Funktion : www.soundcloud.com/q-funktion 
S'il Vous Play : www.facebook.com/silvousplaymusic 

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